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For The Love Of It!

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Get your kids moving with dance.

When it comes to middle and high school dance, it's all about having fun, growing relationships, and exploring the art of dance. Our talented group is happy to help you provide dance opportunities for your children.


We work with all skill levels including beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

Explore all of the options:

• Broadway tap

• Rhythm tap

• Hoofing

• Jazz

• Lyrical

• Pointe

• Hip-hop

Did you know that tap is a form of music?

It's true. Also, tap shoes are considered percussion instruments. Get your child involved in any of our extensive tap programs. Let our 40 years of experience guide your child to musical success.

We're passionate about teaching skills in a fun environment. Let our experienced instructors help your child to succeed.

Call us now to discuss your middle or high school class options:


We're passionate about dance.

Let our experienced instructors work with your child to foster a love of dance. Not only are they getting physical activity, they will also have a lot of fun. Check out our class schedule to get started.

Give your kids the ability to learn dance. They'll love it and you will, too!

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