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For The Love Of It!

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Learn some cool moves.

Enroll your elementary school child in dance classes and get moving. Our children not only benefit from learning the art of dance, but they're also getting outstanding physical activity. Your child will love working with our instructors to improve his or her skill.


We work with students of all skill levels including beginners and advanced dancers.

Check out our elementary options:

• Tap classes

• Jazz classes

• Ballet classes

We're passionate about making dance, fun.

We're an excellent alternative to a competition-based dance school. Your child will grow and learn his or her dance abilities while working with our passionate instructor. Talk to us about all of your child's options.

Our instructor has more than 40 years of dance experience. We've served the community for more than 20 years. You can count on us.

Call us today to learn more about our elementary school classes:


Get excited about dance now!

No matter what type of experience your child has, we offer the classes he or she needs to learn. Check out our dance class schedule to get started.

Do you want to encourage creativity in your child? Enroll them in our dance classes.

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